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Welcome to Squirrel Class!

Below you will find information which will guide you through your child’s first year at Leigh Primary School.


The school day

School starts at 8.45am, and pupils in Squirrel Class are able to come straight into the classroom from 8:40am. Squirrel Class is accessed through the back playground (located outside Squirrel Class), Mrs Marsh, Mrs Jones or myself will be at the door ready to greet your little Squirrels as they arrive. If you arrive after 8:45am, please bring your child to the front office, so that we can ensure they are registered correctly.

At the end of the school day you will need to collect your child from the back playground at 3:10pm, please rest assured that we will keep your child in the classroom until we can see their adult has arrived to collect them.


New Term 5 and 6 Drop Off Arrangements

In order to encourage the children to become more independent and prepare them for life in Year 1 we are asking you to drop your child off at the classroom door from Monday 23rd April. We still operate an open door policy in Squirrel Class so if there is anything you would like to speak to Myself, Mrs Marsh or Mrs Jones about, however big or small, then you will still have the opportunity to do so every morning as we will be at the door to greet you and your child from 8:40.  Your child however will need to bring in their belongings to the classroom themselves and organise their bag, reading book, snacks and packed lunches independently; we will of course assist them in doing this if they need help.



Miss Casper is the teacher of Squirrel Class, she teaches all week apart from Tuesday morning  when Mrs Jones teaches. Mrs Marsh is Squirrel Class Teaching Assistant and is in Squirrel class every day except for Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.


Forest school and outdoor learning

At Leigh Primary we are a Forest School, once settled in, Squirrels will be participating in Forest School sessions. All outdoor clothing will need to be supplied by yourselves for Forest School and outdoor learning sessions. Please could you ensure that your child have a pair of waterproof trousers, a water proof jacket (or a waterproof all in one) and a pair of wellies that can be kept in school at all times (please name them clearly). We very much want to give your children the opportunity for as much outdoor learning that we can outside of the forest school slots. Therefore they will need this outdoor equipment in school at all times to enable us to do so.

 Our Forest school date for this term is Friday 4th May.



In Squirrel Class we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage, which encourages children to develop independence, early writing and numeracy skills, phonic awareness, social skills and physical skills. Lots of work in Reception is child initiated and play centred, and there is a free flow between outdoor and indoor activity. Some work, as pupils move through Foundation Stage, becomes more structured and teacher led.



Each term we focus our learning around a topic, our topic for this term will be based 'Growing'. Within this topic we will be exploring texts including The Enormous Turnip, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Tiny Seed, The Very Ugly Bug, Jasper's Beanstalk and Jack and the Incredibly Mean Stalk. The children will have the opportunity to plant and care for their own plant which they will observe grow. We will also be welcoming some class pets into the classroom so that we can observe them grow throughout the term.  




We encourage you to “read” at home with your squirrels. This will take the form of talking about and sharing books to begin with. Towards the end of this term your child will be given books from our reading scheme to share in class and at home. Sometimes these books may seem easy – sometimes they may be challenging! We try to ensure pupils have a good range of reading experiences which challenge sufficiently but also allow them to enjoy the stories for their own sakes. Once squirrels are settled in and are ready to bring reading books home you will receive more information about this process.

From term 5 we will be changing reading books every Monday and Friday  and where we can in between. Please ensure you send your child's reading book in everyday as we try to hear every child read when we have the opportunity to do so.



Squirrels will take part in P.E sessions once they join us full time. You will need to ensure your child has their P.E kit in school at all times from week 4.



In Squirrel Class we believe learning take place all of the time, not just in the classroom and take into account your child’s home learning as well the learning which takes place at school when assessing their progress within the Foundation Stage. We will be encouraging you to get involved with your child’s learning journey by sharing pictures, notes, stories etc. about times outside school through an online Learning Journal called Tapestry. Tapestry allows you to share pictures, videos and notes about your child’s learning at home; it also allows you to view any photos, videos or comments we have added to your child’s Learning Journal at school. You will receive a letter at the end of week two with more details about Tapestry and how you can get involved.


In Squirrel Class we operate an open door policy. If you have a question or query, no matter how big or small, please feel free to come a see myself, Mrs Marsh or Mrs Jones before or after school.


Miss Casper