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  Robin Class

 Robin Class

Teacher: Miss Jowett                                                                                                                Teaching Assistant: Mrs Tallent 


Welcome back to the new school year, we hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer holiday. 

 In Robins class, we try to ensure that the children become as independent as possible this year. We ask that you drop your child in the infant playground from 08.30 and allow them to make their own way into school. Please ensure that everything that they bring into school is labelled with their name, this helps hugely when they have managed to misplace something within school. I am of course always available in class, if there is a query or matter to be discussed that morning or afternoon, so please feel welcome to come in if you need to.  

I would kindly ask that within their school bag they have a book bag, that they bring into school everyday with the reading record and reading book that has been allocated to them. They should also have a bottle of water, snack box and packed lunch box if they are not having school dinners. 

Homework will given to the children on a Friday and it MUST be handed in by Wednesday. For year one, this will be ensuring they bring in their maths book, they will be expected to have completed one page. For year two, this will include maths, spellings and completion of Reading Eggs work that will have been assigned to them online. All children are expected to have read at least once a day throughout the week. 



Our topic for Term One is Dinosaurs. We will be learning about Mary Anning and her famous discoveries, exploring the Mesozoic era, looking at the different dinosaurs and their habitat, making our own dinosaur egg and looking at how Earth has changed since they roamed the planet. We actively encourage children in Robin class to do as much work at home surrounding their learning as possible. If anything particularly piques their interest and you find them wanting to explore it further please do encourage this. It would be lovely to see them bringing in learning from outside of school to show the rest of the class too. 



 This term, the children will be looking at a variety of texts based on our topic of Dinosaurs. We will be concentrating on how a story is structured initially and trying to write clear and detailed recounts of stories we have read in class. We will also be looking at the biography of Mary Anning, writing a non-fiction piece on Dinosaurs and a newspaper article reciting the discoveries Mary Anning made. 

Year One's focus will be ensuring they are able to write clearly on the line, forming their letters correctly and beginning to use capital letters and full stops appropriately. We will also be actively encouraging them to use the phonic knowledge they are learning in lessons and applying this to unknown words they may come across in their writing tasks. 

Year Two's focus will be ensuring they are using all grammatical elements from year one and building on this knowledge. We will be looking at how to use expanded noun phrases to make our sentences more exciting and ensuring we are using varied sentence openers in our writing too. There will be a greater emphasis on spelling for them and ensuring tricky words that were learnt in the year previously are always being spelt correctly. 


Phonics Screening

In June, the children will all have a phonic check. This will be carried out individually and their scores will be collected by Kent County Council. The phonic screening check is statutory and every child in year 1 nationwide is screened. A letter giving further information will follow. The children who did not pass in year two will be resitting their phonics screening at this time as well. 



This term, we will be focusing our learning on place value, addition and subtraction and geometry. Year One will have an emphasis on number recognition to 20 and ensuring their one to one correspondence is secure. We will also be looking at manipulatives and how these can be used to help us with adding and subtracting two numbers.

In year two, we will be ensuring we are secure with our numbers to 100, we will then be looking at ten and ones using the part, part whole and moving into to using a place value grid when they have become secure in their learning. There will be an emphasis on children and their mental arithmetic, ensuring they are secure with their basic number bond facts so they are able to recall them at pace. 


Physical Development

This term, the children will begin by learning the basic skills of football, this will be taught by our sport specialist Mr Thacker.  P.E. will take place on a Wednesday and a Friday session with me. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. kit in school including trainers/plimsolls  jogging bottoms, T. shirt, a warm P.E. top and a water proof/jacket for wet and cold weather.


Child Initiated Play

In Robins, we very much still believe in child led play and will therefore be factoring in sessions whereby the children can lead their own learning. Year two will see a reduction in how much child initiated they have, there will be a stronger emphasis on the foundation subjects throughout the week instead. 


Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Forest school will feature as part of Robins timetable. This year, all outdoor clothing will need to be supplied by yourselves. Please could you ensure that your child has a pair of waterproof trousers, a water proof jacket and a pair of wellies that can be kept in school at all times (please name them clearly.) We very much want to give your children the opportunity for as much outdoor learning that we can outside of the forest school slots. Therefore, they will need this outdoor equipment in school at all times to enable us to do so.


A note from us...

Finally, children develop at different rates. Please be reassured that what we set for your child’s learning will be planned to suit them. All information stated above is intended to give you an overview of your child’s first term with us. If your child needs more time to achieve certain aspects of their learning then they will be given it. If your child needs to move on then they will equally be given this opportunity.

Please know that we operate an open door policy. No issue can be too small when concerning your child so please see me if you need to. If for any reason I am unavailable then please make an appointment to see me.

Miss Jowett and Mrs Tallent