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Welcome back to term 5!


Things To Remember:

  • PE will be on Wednesday afternoons, make sure you have your PE kit in school (it is your responsibility - not your parents)
  • MA and Grammar books go out on Fridays and are due in on Wednesdays - don't forget the corrections
  • Please bring in an art apron, you can keep this in your blue classroom box
  • There is a suggested KS2 reading list (Year 6) on the website, if you read a book from the list you can fill out a reading review and have it put up on display.


Homework Currently Due:

MA and SPAG books will now be given out on a Friday and due back in on a Wednesday.

Additional Homework (highlighted items indicate deadline passed):


- DT project starting after the Easter Holidays. Children will be creating cam toys and are welcome to bring in personal items that can be stuck to the design to personalise the toys





This term, the children will all be learning and tested on the same spellings as each other. I have uploaded each week's spellings all in one go, if you wish to look at future weeks. Each test is based on spellings from past SATs papers. For each week there are 2 documents, the first document is an administers test guide which contains the spellings, the second is an answer sheet that the children will be filling in when tested on a Wednesday. If you would like to download this answer booklet and get the children to practise their spellings on these so that they become familiar with the format, you are more than welcome.

Week 2 (tested on 26/04/17):       Administrative Guide              Answer Booklet

Week 3 (tested on 03/05/17):       Administrative Guide              Answer Booklet

Week 4 (SATs Week - no spellings for this week)

Week 5 (tested on 17/05/17):        Administrative Guide              Answer Booklet

Week 6 (tested on 24/05/17):       Administrative Guide              Answer Booklet


Please refer to this page to find what each weeks spellings (not in term 5) are in order to save on unnecessary printing:

Group 1 Spellings (year 3/4)

Group 2 Spellings (year 5/6 words)

Group 3 Spellings (year 5/6 words with challengers)

Children will need to learn Summer 2 Week 1 for their return to school on the final term (tested on 07/06/17)



SATs tests will be taking place from 8th May - 11th May. Please make your children is in school within these specific dates. Below is a break down of which exams are taking place on each day:

Monday 8th May - Reading Paper

Tuesday 9th May - Paper 1: Grammar and Punctuation         Paper 2: Spelling

Wednesday 10th May - Paper 1: Mental Arithmetic            Paper 2: Reasoning 1

Thursday 11th May - Paper 3: Reasoning 2

There will not be any exams taking place in the afternoons or on Friday 12th May. We will, however, be holding a breakfast club from 8AM Monday - Thursday that all year 6 children are welcome to come and participate in.

I have informed the children that they will find out what play we are going to be on this Friday, and short segments of script will be distributed in order to hold auditions the following week.


Topic Work

This term I have avoided giving any specific topic, due to so much going on over the next couple of terms. Instead, we are primarily focusing on science this term (due to our upcoming science week), where we will be looking at the objectives of: Light, Electricity and Animals including Humans. In the final term, we will then continue to look at Living Things and their Environment.



This term we are going to be creating cam toys that we designed last term. The idea of a cam toy is to create a structural mechanism that can turn a rotational movement into a linear movement. We will be working with different woods and tools and using effective strategies to create axels and joins.




During English lessons we will be continuing developing our extended writing. Children will be given the opportunity to explore their writing ideas through discussion / drama / mind mapping they will then: plan, draft, re-draft and produce polished versions of their work. These pieces of work will be collected in a Moderation folder and assessed throughout the term.

In particular we will be looking at these different text types:

- Factual Writing in the form of Non-Chronological Reports

- Persuasive / Formal Writing

- Letters

- Autobiographies


We shall also be having short SPaG sessions every Monday.



At Leigh Primary School we follow a spiralling curriculum and we will re-visit different areas over the course of the year. We encourage the children to try and choose their own activities in class that they feel confident with, that also stretch and challenge them.

This term, we shall be looking back over what we have studied so far up to this point and participating in some SATs question practise.  I have organised some past papers questions into categories to show the children, in order for them to feel more relaxed and confident with the format and what they will be experiencing this term.



PARENTS - you are always welcome in The Loft, if you have any concerns or something to share, please feel free to come and have a chat!


Myself, Mrs Tait and Mrs Vicary look forward to seeing you soon!


Mrs Harper


Residential PowerPoint 2017



Wolves Goodbye PowerPoint from July 2016