Leigh Primary School

Additional Spaces Project

The Additional Spaces Project groups was formed in response to a proposal from KCC to expand Leigh Primary School to a single form entry to meet the needs of planned housing developments in the village.

The aim of the group is to determine an appropriate solution to grow Leigh Primary School such that it meets the needs of the growing local community; provides long term financial stability for the school; does not compromise the current ethos and quality of education at Leigh and assures the future of a primary school in Leigh village.

The group will:-

  • Source appropriate information from a range of sources including KCC and local stakeholders
  • Generate a range of options for consideration
  • Canvas views on those options
  • Assess and review options
  • Make a recommendation to the main Governing body as to the preferred solution.
News and updates will be posted on this page.


If the proposal from KCC went ahead, what would be the increase in numbers?
Our current PAN (Pupil Admission Number) is 23; this would increase to 30, resulting in an additional 49 pupils.

How many classes would there be?
There would be seven classes - one for each year group.

What form would the expansion take?
Nothing has been agreed, but it would include two new classrooms and additional facilties that would be required for the increase in pupil numbers, e.g. new toilets.

Would there be an increase in playground space?
The members of the working group see this as a critical issue.   Building additional playground space into the project is a priority.


Why is KCC asking Leigh to take on the extra pupils when Stocks Green, which has more space, is closer to the new housing development at Powder Mills?
KCC is also considering the expansion of Stocks Green, in addition to Leigh, as a completely separate project. 

I am concerned that if the school expands, it will lose some of its unique character as a small, friendly village school.
This is an issue that the working group have identified, and although this is a difficult thing to measure objectively, any solution put into place will seek to maintain the current ethos of the school.



Communication about Leigh Primary School - June 2015


Dear residents of Leigh

As many of you know, Leigh Primary School was approached by Kent County Council in 2013 to explore the feasibility of providing extra places at the school in response to the planning approval of 73 new homes on the former Glaxo Smith Kline pharmaceuticals facility situated in Powdermill Lane. As a Governing Body we are always open to reviewing any proposal that will develop the school in the best interests of the children and so met with KCC to explore what the options might be.

Since the initial approach we have received very little communication about this project and are still awaiting a credible feasibility study from KCC. This lack of movement has inevitably created a degree of unrest not least because we have raised a substantial amount of money to develop a wonderful music facility for the children which is currently on hold because of these discussions.

As a Governing Body we have been extremely proactive and have set up a Working Party to explore a range of options to meet the increased demand for places at the school. However until a credible feasibility study has been received we are not in a position to suggest a viable option for consultation. As soon as there is further information then we are fully committed to sharing it with the community so that everyone is given ample opportunity to analyse the proposal and express their opinions. We would like to emphasise that no decision has been taken regarding the possible expansion of the school and no decision will be taken until a full consultation with the local community has taken place.

We have set up an Additional Spaces Project page on our school website (www.leighprimaryschool.com) where there are answers to some frequently asked questions about this project. If you have any questions that you would like to add to the page then please do email Daniel Eaton at headteacher@leigh.kent.sch.uk


The Working Party

Leigh Primary School Governing Body



If you have a question or query regarding these proposals, please email us at headteacher@leigh.kent.sch.uk and we will publish all responses on the website.