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Leigh Primary School


At Leigh Primary School we foster high standards of behaviour through consistent understanding of school rules, application of policy and fostering mutual respect between pupils and staff.  Children are continually learning social rules and boundaries and we take opportunities to support children in developing their understanding to ensure that our school is a happy and safe environment. We believe the best way to support high standards of behaviour is through positive reinforcement and ensuring that children understand that mistakes in any part of life - including behaviour - are opportunities to learn and move forwards stronger.

We always try to be proactive rather than reactive to negative behaviour and through our curriculums and practices we aim to prevent bullying and other forms of behaviour which negatively impact the well-being of our pupils.

Marvellous Me

This year (22-23) we have implemented Marvellous Me. A free app whereby we as a school can communicate positive messages to you on a weekly basis about your child's achievement and personal attributes. Aside from download, all parents need do is wait to be pinged with lovely news about their child. We reward children with badges through this platform which are worth house points for our house competition.  The badges that are worth the most house points link to kindness, friendship, trying their best and manners.  

Zones of Regulation

This year (22-23) we are also going to implement the Zones of Regulation. We recognise the importance of promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing to our students and their families. We aim to create an open culture around the discussion of mental health and wellbeing and to empower our children be able to regulate their emotions. By implementing the Zones of Regulation curriculum we aim to teach our pupils to identify emotions in themselves and others and provide them with bank of strategies to help regulate their emotions and improve their wellbeing. This will also contribute to supporting children to manage their own behaviour in a healthy way


We regularly promote Anti-bullying to ensure that children know how to recognise bullying and what to do. Importantly, we promote positive behaviours. We ensure that children understand that bullying is: when someone is unkind to someone or a group of people over and over again and on purpose and it can happen anywhere including online.

We use our VoteforSchools program to ensure that this issue is discussed and debated in depth every year but we also regularly promote positive behaviour and discuss bullying at intervals throughout the year. 

We discuss strategies for standing up to bullies and being an 'upstander' and not a 'bystander':

  • Look out for the other children in your class
  • Tell a teacher or someone you trust what is happening
  • Talk to the bully and tell them to stop
  • If you can, ignore the bully
  • If your friend is being bullied, go over and ask them if they would like to play with you or tell a teacher what you think is happening

We discuss that people who are being bullied often feel very alone. It can feel as if no-one cares or even that other people are on the bully’s side if they don’t speak up. We encourage children to say something if they experience or witness bullying! We also encourage people to speak up because the person who may be bullying someone else may also need help and not be happy themselves.

We want all the children at Leigh to feel safe at school.