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Welcome To Hedgehog's Class Page!


Welcome to Hedgehog Class! 

Below you will find information which will guide you through your child’s first term in Hedgehog Class.




Class Teacher

Learning Assistant


Mrs Prockter

Mrs Vicary


Mrs Prockter

Mrs Vicary


Mrs Hawken

Mrs Vicary


Mrs Hawken

Mrs Walters


Mrs Hawken

Mrs Walters


School Day:

School starts at 8.45am; however we encourage children to come into the classroom from 8:30am so they are able to make the best use of their Target Time activities. This also helps them to engage and be ready for their learning when the first lesson begins. Hedgehog Class is accessed through the KS2 playground where children are to enter the cloakroom independently. If your child arrives after 8:50am, please bring them to the front office so that we can ensure they are registered correctly for attendance and lunch.

At the end of the school day you will need to collect your child from the KS2  playground; we request that those collecting children come into the playground and not expect children to cross the road onto the green independently. There will always be a member of staff present, if you have any questions, comments or concerns - please feel free to speak to us at this time.


General Items Required for School Day:

  • Water bottle
  • Pencil case including a fountain pen with spare ink cartridges (children in KS2 are expected to write in fountain pen unless specified otherwise). Any practise before the beginning of the Autumn Term at home would be greatly appreciated.
  • Pencil cases need to be of a sensible size to fit in shallow trays.  Along with books and equipment they need to store in their trays. Please refer to the letter below regarding what is required in their pencil case.

    Link to letter
  • Lever Arch file (See hyperlink to letter above)
  • Wellington boots (specifically needed for Forest School sessions and outdoor learning)
  • Coats (cold weather)
  • Sunhats and sun cream (hot weather)
  • Art apron (to be kept in PE kit)
  • PE Kit

    Our PE kit consists of a red 'Leigh' T-shirt with black shorts and black or red jogging bottoms for cooler weather. If your child wears earrings these are to be taken out before coming to school on P.E Days (Tuesdays and Fridays)

    PE - PE lessons will be conducted on a Tuesday and Wednesday or Friday. Please ensure your child has their kit in school at all times. Children should not wear earrings on these days; if they do, they will need to be able to take them out and put them back in without our support. Please note only small discrete studs are permissible in our uniform policy.



Below please find a copy of our curriculum coverage leaflet, this details all of our learning for the whole of the autumn term. Our topic for autumn term will be The Romans


For a full breakdown of curriculum coverage over the Autumn Term, please click on the link below:

Spring 1 & 2





Spellings - Out on Monday - Tested on Friday

Please ensure that spellings are learnt. If a score below average is scored then your child will be expected to learn them again over the weekend for a retest on Monday. Please do not worry if your child finds the spellings too easy or hard to begin with as we will adjust accordingly in the first couple of weeks and this will of course inform our differentiation.  

Maths (Mathletics) - Out on Friday - In on Wednesday

A slip will be sent home for not completion of homework on  Wednesday.  It is expected for homework to be completed on time.

Reading - Children are expected to read most days for 30 mins. 

Termly Projects - Please refer to curriculum leaflet for outlining information. Further details will follow in the form of a class letter.

We would recommend that your child reads to an adult 3/4 times a week to help aid/develop their understanding and comprehension as well as independently.




Please click here to see Term 1 and 2's spelling list (Autumn 1 and 2) for group 1

Please click here to see Term and 2's spelling list (Autumn 1 and 2) for group 2


 These spellings will be further broken down and differentiated in the first couple of weeks.

Each week the children will have 10 spellings to learn. It is recommended they try to learn the bonus spellings too. The children will score housepoints for their score out of 10 and extra for bonus spellings they get right!


 Mrs Hawken and Mrs Prockter