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Reception and KS1 Maths Games                                                                                                
Counting, the number system and ordering
Target number search  Greater or less than  Counting pennies 1:1  Counting to 5 1:1

 Counting 1:1

Fish Tank

Identifying numbers to 10  Counting to 6 memory game Recognising numbers of objects   Recognising numbers on a 10 frame   
Place Value 
Place Value of numbers to 30 Bead Numbers Shark Numbers Shark Numbers 2 Lifeguards 
Addition Games

Tug Boat Addition Number pairs  Jet Ski Maths  Alien Addition Funky Mummy to 10 + 10  
Addition Machine Power Lines Sum Sense Magician Maths Addition Pyramid
Addition facts to 20        
Number Bonds

 Number bond machine Ghost Blaster  10 pipe  Number bonds to 10  Number bonds to 20
Speed grid subtraction Minus Mission Rabbit Take Away Subtraction Machine Island Chase 
Target Take Away  Ducky race  Subtraction facts puzzle     
Mixed Operations
 Lord Voldemort Maths Magician  Brainie     
Counting in 5s Fishy 2s Counting in 10s Counting back in 10s   
Camel tables 2s and 5s dots       
Division Mine         
KS2 Maths Games
Addition Games
 Speed Grid 2 Speed Grid 3 Addition Machine Bargain Hunt Addition Pyramid
 Missing Numbers Power Lines  Addition to 100    
Number bonds
 Ghost Blaster Number bond machine  Number bonds to 30  Number bonds to 40  
Subtraction Machine Finding the difference  Subtraction facts to 100     
Addition and Subtraction
 Addition and Subtraction  Digit Workout  Maths Magician     
Sumsense times Times speed grid Grand Prix Tractors Table trees 
Digit Workout Short Multiplication Table Tester Fridge Magnets   Squared or cubed
Missing Numbers Penguin Jump 2 digit multiplication Puzzle pics multiplication  
Multiplication and Division
 Multiplication and division  Factors and Multiples  Balloon invaders  Maths Magician   
Sumsense Division machine Drag Race Demolition Division   Division Derby
Puzzle pics division Visual division      
Mixed operations
 Operations  Calculator chaos       
Place Value of digits
 Place Value  Place Value Multiplication Pirate decimal place value      
Negative Numbers



 Add and subtract positive and negative numbers  Mutiplying positive and negative numbers  Combining + and _ numbers to make a target number   
Number sequences
 Number patterns         
 Basic Fractions Ordering and Comparing Fractions   Equivalent Fractions  Fraction lines  Introducing Fractions
Adding Fractions Comparing Fractions Equivalent Fractions Making a Whole Ordering Fractions
Fraction of Number Multiplying Fractions Ordering Fractions    
Fractions, decimals and Percentages  
 Converting Fractions to Decimals  Percentages  Decimals  Matching fractions and percentages  Convert Fractions to decimals
Decimal Words Matching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Making 1 using decimals    
Algebra and Puzzles
Whats it worth? Find the value Order of Operations