Leigh Primary School

Acorns Nurture Group

What is a Nurture Group?

A nurture group is a small group of children who meet once a week and who are staffed by two supportive adults. Our nurture group is run by Mrs Pearson who is our Pupil Welfare Leader and she is supported by Mrs Kirby a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Nurture groups offer a short term, focussed, intervention strategy, which addresses barriers to learning arising from social / emotional difficulties, in an inclusive, supportive manner. Children continue to remain part of their own class group. Central to the philosophy is attachment theory; an area of psychology which explains the need for any person to be able to form secure and happy relationships with others in the formative years of their lives.


How do Nurture Groups Work?

Our staff create an attractive, safe, structured environment, usually based in our 'mezzanine area' with specific routines and resources. Building trusting relationships are core to the approach. The children are carefully selected according to their individual holistic profile of needs and can be referred by our school SENCO, staff members or parents. 


Want to Know More?

Please click on this link to find out more about our Nurture Group at Leigh Primary School.