Leigh Primary School

Mindfulness Peace Button Project

The Mindful Movement For Children

Changing The World One Belly Button At A Time


We have been working with our friends from Peace Button to inspire peace by imparting mindfulness methods and practices that honour the greater principle that is:

Peace Inside = Peace Outside = Peace in the World.

Peace Button enables primary school children to connect with this principle in a fun and memorable way. They experience Mindfulness through breath, movement, storytelling and song, using their Peace Button (aka belly button) which serves as a distinctive physical anchor.

If we instill lasting peaceful and mindful practices in our children, we can witness a global shift in how humans respond and interact with each other.

Peace Button is committed to the growth, education and the protection of all the world’s children, and with your help our movement seeks to change the world, one belly button at a time.



To find out more about the Peace Button Project please click here.


We have had a wonderful day's activities with the Peace Button team and they are returning to complete Parent Workshops and a review session.