Leigh Primary School

School Staff

We are extremely fortunate to have such a hardworking and dedicated staff. Please find out a little bit more about us...

*this colour indicates each member of staff's responsibilities within school*




Mr Eaton

Mr Eaton is the Headteacher at Leigh and started working here in February 2013, he has overall responsibility for the school. Mr Eaton also runs Football Club, Choir, Cricket and the School Orchestra. 

Designated Child Protection Officer

Collective Worship Co-ordinator


Music Co-ordinator


Squirrels - Year R


 Mrs Barber

 Mrs Barber teaches reception. She is in her second year at Leigh Primary School and is loving teaching the youngest children in the school. 

PE Co-ordinator

Science Co-Ordinator


 Robins - Year 1



Miss Jowett

Miss Jowett teaches Robins Class and she is enjoying her third year here at Leigh Primary School.  

  History Co-ordinator

Geography Co-ordinator

R.E Co-ordinator

School Council Lead

PTA Liaison


 Foxes - Year 2/3

Miss Oyler

Miss Oyler currently teaches Year 2/3 but has taught nearly every year group since joining Leigh. She enjoys working at Leigh and thinks it is a great place to be.

Literacy Co-ordinator

TA Manager

Behaviour Manager

Parent Partnership Leader

Designated Child Protection Officer

Lead Teacher


Hedgehog Class - Years 3/4

Mrs Hawken

Mrs Hawken teaches in Hedgehog Class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday having just returned from maternity leave. Mrs Hawken has worked at Leigh for 6 years now and loves working with children of all ages throughout the school. 

PE Co-ordinator

Science Co-Ordinator


 Mrs Halfhide


Mrs Halfhide teaches Years 6 in KS2. She runs maths throughout the school and also has a degree in Human Biology.

Maths Co-ordinator

Midday Supervisor Manager

Assessment/Tracking Manager

Curriculum Manager

Lead Teacher 


 Hawks - Year 4/5



Miss Bettridge

Ms Bettridge teaches in Hawks Class and this is her third year here at Leigh Primary School.  

ICT Co-ordinator

History Co-ordinator

Geography Co-ordinator


Wolves Class - Years 5/6

Mrs Harper

 Mrs Harper teaches in Hedgehog Class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mrs Harper has been teaching at Leigh for many years and is loving being back after her maternity leave.



Mrs Tanner

 Mrs Tanner has been teaching at Leigh Primary School for many years and currently teaches in Hedgehog Class on Thursday and Friday.  In her spare time Mrs Tanner's interest include: dance, theatre, film and music.


Mr Underwood

Mr Underwood is a keen musician and has come to teach the recorder to Fox Class on Friday afternoons.  



Mrs Murray

Mrs Murray is leading our Forest School project. This scheme allows the children to don their wellies and get their hands dirty in our wildlife area with a variety of activities.


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Marsh has worked at Leigh for over 20 years! She works in Early Years with Squirrel Class and has been trained in first aid and as a nursery nurse.


Mrs Kirby

 Mrs Kirby is the teaching assistant in Hawk and Wolf Class. She is originally from Australia but has lived in Leigh with her family for many years now.


Mrs Walters


Mrs Walters assists Hedgehog class with Mr Hancock. She is a mother of two ex-pupils of Leigh Primary School. 


Mrs Hill

Mrs Hill has been working at Leigh for over 15 years, originally as one-to-one support. Mrs Hill now works as a teaching assistant in Hawks Class.  


Mrs Tait

 Mrs Tait works as a teaching assistant in Hawk and Wolf Class. Mrs Tait has worked at Leigh for 13 years and, during that time, she has worked with children across the school.


 Mrs Tallent

Mrs Tallent has worked as a TA at Leigh since 2016. She is currently working in Wolf Class.


 SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)


Mrs Brown


 Mrs Brown is our Special Needs Co-ordinator and has been working at Leigh since 2015. Mrs Brown is also the SENCO at Kemsing Primary School.


 Mrs Pearson

(Nurture Leader)

Mrs Pearson has been at Leigh for 10 years and taught in a variety of year groups. Mrs Pearson also has a degree in special needs and has a keen interest and knowledge in SEN.



 Mrs Coleman

(SEN Support)

Mrs Coleman has many years experience as working as a SENCO at Leigh Primary School and now comes into school to support those children on the SEN register. Mrs Coleman lives in Leigh and thoroughly enjoys singing in the Leigh Ladies Choir. 



 Office Staff


Mrs Burbridge

Mrs Burbridge is our Office Manager and looks after the administration side of the school, ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible. Mrs Burbridge also ensures that Mr Eaton gets the Friday Newsletter out on time!   


Mrs Newman


Mrs Newman is our School Business Manager and works at Leigh every Wednesday.


Lunchtime Supervisors


Lucy Grant (Senior Midday Supervisor)

Linda Inkpen

Dian Croft

Allison Vicary

Sasha Baldock

Jill King 

Emma Wright




Julie Porter

John Porter