Leigh Primary School


Open Days for September 2020 Admission

We have now had our two Open Days for September 2020 Admission. However if anyone would like to book a tour of the school please do phone the school office and we will arrange one for you.  


The Application Process

You can apply for up to 3 schools, putting them in order of preference. It's in your best interests to list 3 schools. Naming only one school does not guarantee your child a place at a particular school or give your child priority for a place over another child, neither does naming a school more than once. You can apply online or by post. The application process is now open and you have until 15th January 2020 to make your application. 

For further information about this process please click here 

Read our full Admissions Policy here


If you were unsuccessful in gaining a place then you are entitled to appeal. Appeals must be made using the Primary School Appeal Form which can be found by clicking here or by completing an online application, the page for which can be found by clicking here. If you wish to appeal for a place then you might also find the School Admission Appeals Booklet useful which can also be found by clicking here.



To apply for a place outside of the Reception Admissions round you will need to complete an In Year Admission Form. This can be downloaded here. This form will need to be completed and returned directly to the school office at Leigh. Please do contact Mr Eaton or Mrs Burbridge if you require further assistance with this form or any other aspects of applying for a place at our school.

 If you wish to add your child's name to the waiting list then please do phone the school office on 01732 832660 or email us at: office@leigh.kent.sch.uk.  

 If you have an queries about admissions for 2019 or beyond then please do phone the school to make an appointment to see Mr Eaton.

Visiting the School
The best way to decide upon the right school for a child, is to visit it!  Parents and carers of prospective pupils are very welcome to visit the school at any time by appointment and to attend one of the two Open Days (dates above). Please do contact the school office to make an appointment. Copies of the prospectus are available to all prospective pupils from the office or via this link.

Welcome Booklet

Is your child starting school in September? Please click here to read our welcome booklet and some top tips for preparing children for their first few weeks at Leigh Primary School.