Leigh Primary School


Chair: Amy Holt

Treasurer: Anel Andrews

Secretary: Sarah Porter


Class Reps

Squirrels: Charlotte Ward and Genevieve Portwood

Robins: Nicci Snuggs and Carla Craske

Foxes: Joleene Gonzalez and Alice Backlog

Hedgehogs: Jo McBreen and Faye Newing

Hawks: Tracey Prockter and Rachel Moriarty

Wolves: Kate Dorward and Rachel Murray


How we work

The role of the PTA is to raise money to support Leigh Primary School.  After two very successful years of fundraising through 2015/16 and 2016/17 the PTA has been able to fund a number of projects at school, from refitting the library and buying classroom equipment to subsidising the cost of school trips and supporting new programmes like Peacebutton.


We fundraise in a variety of ways each year: our Christmas Fayre and May Fete involve large numbers of parents and children, always raising lots of money for the school.  We also hold evening events like quizzes and discos for our parents and friends in the village as well as a series of events at school for the children. 


The PTA also oversees the Voluntary Fund which is supported by parents and friends of the school who would like to make regular financial contributions to support the school. 


Read the PTA Constitution


Get involved

The PTA is open to all and we are always delighted to welcome new members.  You can get involved in a variety of ways - join a small team focused on a specific event, take ownership of a regular activity like school uniform sales or Fruity Friday, or volunteer at one of our events.  Our PTA is always focused on raising money for the school but also having fun and it's a great way to get to know people.  


You can get in touch via our Facebook page or by email: leighprimarypta@gmail.com